It’s Your Home, It’s Your Blessing

You may have had the experience where someone offered to give a gift you’ve attempted to refuse, and you were told something like, “Please accept this gift – Don’t block my blessing!”  The idea being that the giver of a gift would ultimately become the receiver of a gift due to them being a blessing to others. The gesture is an act of faith that’s done with no fears or hesitations standing in the way, and it’s bigger than the gift itself.  When it comes to making the decision to purchase a home, you must make the same decision and not let anything stand in the way of you connecting yourself to your blessing – your home.

It’s easy to develop anxiety when trying to answer questions like, how much should one save for a down payment? How much would be needed for home maintenance? Will my home hold its value? What happens when I can no longer afford my home? With these considerations, it seems a lot easier to just rent than deal with those perceived stresses. As a former apartment renter, my mailbox used to be bombarded with postcards from various realty firms with photos of beautiful homes.  They’re messages were always the same – “Your mortgage payment can be cheaper than paying rent, find out how!”  But I can tell you from personal experience that there’s no reason to be intimidated at becoming a homeowner.  Like most things there’s pros and cons to every endeavor – it’s all going to boil down to what your personal goals are and what sacrifices (if any) are you willing to make in order to reach them.  Knowledge is key to breaking personal barriers that would come between you and your new home, so you must do some research and map out a plan to bring your goal to life.

There are government agencies who offer help to those contemplating a home purchase, and some of the programs they have available are helpful in easing some of the apprehension many people experience about the buying process.  One resource for information about the homeownership and homebuyer process is at HUD.Gov, where you can get helpful information by state.  Another resource for information about available programs to help with a new home purchase is USA.Gov.  They talk about FHA loan information for first time homebuyers, the homeownership voucher program for families with low-incomes or families on public-housing who are looking to become first-time homebuyers, veterans’ programs, and more.  If you’re a member of a credit union, I would check out their programs as well.  You may be surprised to find that they offer great programs as well as low-interest home loans, depending on individual circumstances.  We got our home loan through a local credit union and are happy with the decision.

Giving yourself the gift of a new home is truly a blessing you don’t want to block yourself from having.  Take all the time you need to arm yourself with valuable information that will land you where you want to be and work your plan.  This will remove the fear and anxiety that comes with not knowing what your next steps should be.

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