When You Have a Great Realtor …

My mother, sister, and I were searching house after house for a place that would accommodate five ladies, allowing each person to have their own bedroom and bathroom, two home office spaces, a homework space, a game room, a guestroom, and a yard large enough that would accommodate a future pool. The combination of having three strong-willed women with varying definitions of what we each considered to be the home for all involved posed a heavy challenge to the task at hand.

In came our beautiful sister and realtor, Deboorah “Dee” Oliver to the rescue! After laying out all of our needs and wants, she proceeded to put together a profile especially for us and showed us homes accordingly. I have to say that what I most admired about her was the fact that she would always remain professional, and she never let our familial ties muddy the business of helping us find a home space that’s agreeable to all. She would wear her trusty realtor jacket and pin at all of her showings because for her, family, friends, and soon-to-be friends are always to be treated as first-class clients – I loved that! If you find yourself in need of a good realtor, please check out www.myfinori.com – you’ll be glad you did!

We were shown many (did I say many?), many homes to view and our realtor was very thorough in giving the details of each home – the pros, the cons, and the risks that would come with purchasing an older home. During our search, we found that the older homes seemed to provide the greatest amount of square footage (for the geographical area) that we were looking for, but they also provided the most risk due to age. We didn’t want to purchase a home with problems attached, so we ultimately decided to go with a semi-custom homebuilder.

At the time, this homebuilder was offering design center incentives that would be valuable in upgrading the home style we were looking to have built. After having a conversation with our realtor, the builder representative offered $90,000 in incentives – an additional $30,000 more than what was offered when we spoke with the representative alone.

Our realtor was valuable not only with the builder incentives, we were guided on how to align our finances for the very best outcome, we were updated on the build process, and we were provided options of institutions that would offer loan contracts to people like us – three adult ladies in search of their dream home.

There are indeed a lot of considerations associated with the home buying process, whether you opt to purchase a home already built or to have one built from scratch. Either way, I would always advise that you get a realtor on your team. It takes the guesswork out of the process and allows you to have some peace on the journey.

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  1. This is an excellent read!! Truly details the need for a Real Estate professional, even when purchasing new construction! Love this!

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