In the Middle with a Semi-custom Production

Once our final selection was made of the builder who would magically bring our vision of a perfect home come to life, we quickly learned that all homebuilders are not alike, and their offerings differ based on the type of new home you are looking for.  We made many modification requests to the builder we went with only to discover that they were working with a production builder. For what we wanted, a custom builder would have been more suitable to our desires, but we lacked other resources that would have made it possible – like land and additional money.

A custom home builder would build a home for you on our own land, according to the specifications laid out to them by an architect hired by you to design a plan of all the features that you would want in your home. In some instances, you could also get this type of service with some custom builders who would have staff available to do this for you. In either instance, you would be responsible for the design and all features of the home – every single detail. This type of builder offers the most leeway when it comes to accommodating your custom home requests, and sometimes it could take a little longer to have these types of homes built compared with those done by production builders.

Some custom builders also offer semi-custom homes that could be built on your own property. Normally they have a floorplan already done where they offer you the opportunity to make slight modifications to the plan. The difference is that the option to modify would then be limited as you would be working with an already scripted plan versus one from scratch as would be a custom home.

A production builder is pretty much the direct opposite of a custom builder. They normally purchase tracts of land at a discount, get materials at a discount, and offer a specific number of pre-planned home design elevations that buyers could select from in order that the homes don’t look exactly alike. Buyers are also offered the option to select brick and paint colors that also help in giving the appearance of a home set apart from your neighbor. But with a limited amount of selections, you could easily see your exact home on the next street from yours or even the next neighborhood.  Once a production homebuilder completes one neighborhood, they start their process all over again in another where they have purchased tracts of land- offering slight variations in home designs.

What we did was go with something more in the middle – we went with a semi-custom production builder who sold us a cul-de-sac and offered us the opportunity to make some variations to the floorplan we selected. Unlike a custom builder, we did not have to provide land to have the home built. It was just a matter of selecting a lot within a planned community and it on!

Ultimately, I believe we scored a great deal on our home for our budget, and we are no less happy and very grateful for our purchase.

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