In Search of Home

Having a home is one of life’s many blessings. It provides a place of rest and relaxation after battling with the world just outside of it. The essence of it is a direct reflection of you for where you are at the present, and allows you a peek of where you would like to go in the future. Like the person you are, it grows along with you, is a credible witness to your highs and lows, and it never, ever judges.

So after my divorce, leaving the home that I formerly knew for many years, I decided to pool my resources with my mother and sister to build a brand new home that would accommodate five people. For clarity, that would be my mother, my sister and her two children, and myself. After searching house after house, we decided to have one built with Newmark Homes. After checking them out on the Better Business Bureau website and seeing where they rated A, we felt confident that we were going with a quality home builder.

It will be five years this coming December, and overall we are enjoying our home. Sometimes when driving up to it, I still feel giddy with the knowledge that this is my home, my place of peace, my sanctuary of love. But in spite of all that, we have encountered challenges with certain build elements of the home that have caused us to have to make unexpected purchases sooner than later.

I’ll be sharing in another blog posts, what modifications we had to make in order to bring our home to our level of satisfaction. I hope to help you along with your own home search journey by sharing our experiences.

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