How to start a blog ?

Blogging is a new and fastest growing Industry. If you have knowledge in any subject so you also can start this. To start this you need an website. And you need depth on your niche.

  1. Atfirst you have to select your subject
  2. Then you have to find or research your Keyword.
  3. Thereafter you have to find an attractive domain name relate with your niche and your keyword
    [ Like – i want to create an blog on affiliate marketing , so my keyword – digital marketing . Then i have to set my domain – marketingmedia , digitalmarket , etc. ]
  4. Then you have to Create an Website.
  5. Thereafter you have to learn about SEO.
  6. You have to write artical minimum one artical everyday.
  7. Then you have to make profile on others popular social Media platform. (To generate trafic on your blog and make a fanbase of your blog)

In these few step you can make a blog and you can start Blogging.

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