Building on a Solid Foundation

When you get three women to agree on something as great as picking a home, it’s a very big deal! But when you are having a new home built, there are many more decisions that must be made – one of them is the decision of where to build. Do you want a cul-de-sac, corner lot, or a lake view? Decisions, decisions! One thing we all agreed to do when we decided to pool our resources and build a nice home together, was to let love be the foundation of our home. We have a family saying “Love Lives Here.” So what does that look like? We agreed to treat each other respectfully by listening and considering one another’s opinion about the must haves and optional components for the house. For us, love is a decision that’s made on purpose, though sometimes tough to carry out when one gets caught up in their own feelings. But thanks to God’s Grace, we manage to get ourselves back on track to the matter at hand – the building of our peace haven.

The neighborhood for the home we selected is a gated one, and most of the lots had already been taken. There were only a limited number of them left over. My sister’s former home was on a main and very busy street, so she made it clear that she wanted to live on a street which was as secluded as possible. My former home had been on a corner, and I didn’t want to deal with the challenges encountered with that. For some reason, I would frequently find trash in my back yard where someone who was walking on the sidewalk or driving by would just use my backyard as a dumpster and flick their used goods over my fence. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore!

Due to past experiences, we all decided that a cul-de-sac was the best option. The ones in this new neighborhood had grassy mediums in front of them, limiting the amount of traffic that would flow through. We also wanted to get a cul-de-sac that didn’t have any backyard neighbors. Pictured below is the lot we selected – no backyard neighbors!

We had to pay a $3,000 premium at the time to secure it, but glad we did. It granted us a North-facing front door, so the sun’s rising and setting would land on the sides of the house. Due to its size, we would be able to build a future pool on it – a must have for my sister. Before deciding on this lot, we also considered a smaller cul-de-sac lot to build our home. It would have granted us the same amenities, where there would have been no backyard neighbors, but the land size was so small that by the time our home would be built, there wouldn’t be much left for a future pool. Each step up to this point, we were (and still are) so very thankful to God for blessing us to find a home that we believe would check most of our boxes and allow for future enhancements.

Matthew chapter 7:24 speaks about a wise man who built his home on a rock, so when the rain fell, floods and torrents came, and the winds blew against his home it didn’t fall because it was built upon something solid – rock. Our decision to build our home on love comes is from this very premise. We believe that this love we are building on is from God through Jesus Christ – the rock. Any challenges that dare to come our way will have to go up against love. And we will always win.

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