A little about me …

Blogs about peace building

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I enjoy reading, writing and learning about new and interesting things that help in bringing all levels of peace in life. It’s so very short, so why not use our God-given time here to seek out peace in all of its forms.

This blog site is about the building of peace – the building of home. I believe that we all want to have a place of rest that we can call our own, and what better rest can one have than in the comfort of a home built to one’s specifications.

I’m going to share my journey with you of the steps taken to build my home, share the joys and challenges encountered, and what I did to correct those challenges in order to keep my home functional. My goal is to pay forward some nuggets of wisdom in hopes of the sun shining brighter on someone’s life as they endeavor to pursue their own haven of peace.

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